• Responsible for managing and creating content for hotel social media page
  • Support the F&B team to create content and increase followship of their respective channels
  • Drive the hotel’s e-commerce strategy – complete ongoing e-action plan to drive sales via
  • Oversees/updates content for and OTAs
  • Manages SEO/SEA strategy with corporate support
  • Manage the corporate system PLUS Campaigns
  • Audit, review and update content on Group websites (CVENT, RC Key Account website…)
  • Syndicating listings releases to media and ensuring all information correct in all relevant publications
  • Monthly reporting – coverage and activity reports (for internal purposes)
  • Submit social media/influencer and social media content submission via BPM tool each month
  • Selects the best opportunities for the property based on market conditions and property needs.
  • Develops brochures and property collateral materials that are required for promotion of the property and its services.
  • Participates and ensuring that all property imaging work (e.g., signage) is inline with brand standards.
  • Ensures consistent brand and property message is communicated in all communications efforts.
  • Regular communication and update with the Field E-commerce team
  • Assist the PR Director with media relations hosting media, hotel tours, making bookings, briefing internal hotel teams when required
Building Successful Relationships
  • Builds and strengthens relationships with existing and new travel writers and local social media influencers to ensure future exposure.
  • Conducts solicitation and maintenance calls to media influencers and digital agencies.
  • Identifies and communicates with distribution channels that can sell distress inventory to drive property occupancy.
  • Provides all communications channels with creative and unique tools to assist in the public relations and communications of the property.
  • Assists the property in developing promotions for various campaigns.
    Coordinating Communication Efforts
  • Provides accurate, complete and effective communications to visiting journalists, publicists and social media influencers.
  • Evaluates new online marketing opportunities for the property.
  • Partners with property and corporate leaders in the development of the strategic online marketing plans for property
  • Assists in managing individual and group media visits.
  • Assists in ensuring corporate branding standards and legal compliances are met and incorporated into all collateral.
  • Supports hotel press releases and other content for print media and electronic media.
    Providing Exceptional Customer Service
  • Sets a positive example for guest and media relations.
  • Interacts with guests and media to obtain feedback on product quality and service levels; effectively responds to and handles guest problems and complaints.
  • Observes service behaviors of employees and provides feedback to individuals and/or managers; continuously strives to improve service performance.
  • Conducts site inspections with visiting journalists and social media influencers.
    Additional Responsibilities
  • Keeps detailed files and records on all matters relative to property’s public and digital materials.
  • Verifies that property is following all corporate public-relations/marketing guidelines.

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